Our Mission

Luke 6:31 – “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Our Story

David, who had been working as an actuary for the past 10 years, dreamed of having a job that was more active and satisfying. A job that would allow him to serve others, meet new people, break out from the mundane routine and enjoy some physical activity in the great outdoors. After talking to a friend about trash collection, he looked into it further and became inspired to start up a garbage hauling company.

But he needed a business partner to make the move into this new venture. It just so happened that David soon crossed paths with Jesse, an accountant, while they were both volunteering at a youth camp up in northern Minnesota.  Jesse had also been considering a career change – one where he could get out from behind his desk and add some variation to his daily routine.

After many months of extensive discussions, thorough research, detailed calculations and lots of prayer, Ark Disposal was born!

David and Jesse are now pleased to say Ark Disposal is ready and willing to serve you. Their unique business model is based on the principles that are taught in the Bible. To their customers, they are committed to being dependable, trustworthy and kind, and provide quality customer service to the best of their ability.

Jump on board and become a part of their story as they continue to grow and serve the communities around the Twin Cities.


David Odorizzi

Jesse Lanning